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Topics / Photo Essay Vol.14「桜の木の下で…」


Underneath a cherry blossoms
I hold my knees like Jomon clay figures and look up the sky covered with dancing cherry blossoms……I think a lot of things. Some ideas are going anywhere.
And finally a inspiring idea comes up and whispers me "What I can do now".
I get injured in my leg because of my carelessness. It causes inconvenience.
I cannot move my legs as I like because of a heavy cast. It's like I wear a ski boots….

In the Age of provincial wars, young Ieyasu Tokugawa, 31st years old, made a major defeat with Shinzen Takeda, one of the super power of Kai Area at Mikatagahara.
After Ieyasu escaped into Hamamatu castle, he asked an artist painter to draw his miserable appearance. And later on, he used this picture to remind him of his defeat. It means he learned a lesson from his miserable appearance.

I cannot reach Ieyasu's greatness, but anyway, I'll follow his attitude to take a picture.
Strangely, I'm getting used to an inconvenience and now I have a room to enjoy this situation….

Now Japan is facing an unprecedented crisis caused by a big earthquake of East Japan.
I'm taking a personal photo shot at the time like this. I believe that, someday, we can bring back an energetic Japan again and we will have a bright day when we could enjoy drinking underneath of cherry blossoms.

Sakura dancing again and again…. by Satoru Hama


戦国時代、若き31歳の徳川家康は、甲斐の雄 武田信玄に無謀にも三方ヶ原にて弓矢を交え大敗した。
又 吹雪のように桜が舞った‥‥by 濱 覚 (2011.04.15)