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Topics / Photo Essay Vol.13「春がきた」


Spring has come!
Spring has come again. Flowers were waiting for several months and, now, it's a good timing for them to bloom out.

"Field Mustard (Na no hana)" This is the typical spring flower. In Japan, field mustard is called "Na no Hana" which means vegetable flower.
The floral language is "affluence". This means you could enjoy gazing at and tasting it….??

While you are having a hell of a time in a sunny spot, you never get tired of gazing at filed Mustard. Gradually, you could feel peace of mind.

Flowers can make people gentle and nature can make people reflesh.
I notice I'm singing the school song "the pale moon (Oboro Tsuki Yo)" which describes Japanese beautiful countryside.

"The sun in field mustard is fading away, and there is heavy mist at the edge of the mountains…". by Satoru Hama

別名を 花菜(はなな)菜花(なばな)とも言う。
花言葉は、「豊かさ・財産」 観賞してよし、食してよし、と言う事なのか?(笑)

菜の花畠に 入日薄れ 見わたす山の端 (は) かすみ深し‥‥by 濱 覚