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Topics / Photo Essay Vol.12「雪 路」(ゆきみち)


Sound of a tire kicking asphalt whispered to me in the warm bed, "It's still snowing."
It's like someone invited and pushed my back gently. By the time I noticed, I was outside with my camera.

There are different types of snow and each type has a unique name.
Powder snow, Ashy snow, Beaded snow, Sleety snow.... .

Especially, "Botan" Snow (peony snow).
Is it called because it's like tree peony? In some areas, it's called "Bota" Snow (different sound). I love this snow because it strongly insisted that "I AM SNOW !!".

At the moment when I capture the object with my camera, there is none on the path. My fingers are gradually freezing with snow and I try to taste it.
Snow is melting in my mouth like ice cream. It must be something mysterious.

Some sort of nostalgic wind is flowing slowly and slowly. ...by Satoru Hama

雪 路

ぼたん雪は、牡丹の花に似ているからだそうだが? 地域によっては、ボタ雪とも言う。私は、雪なんですよ! と
獲物(被写体)を待つ事 一時(いっとき)。人がまったく通らない…。
何処か懐かしく時がゆっくり流れていた‥‥by 濱 覚