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Topics / Photo Essay Vol.11「北 国」


北 国
これが1番かも知れない(笑) 室温で曇ったガラス窓を指でなぞり、外を見た。
オォー! 思わず声を出してしまうほどの銀世界!!
そして 何と静かな夜明けだろう‥‥
そんたら(そんな)してたら しばれるだべ〜(凍る)と言って、人のいい 笑顔で甘酒をふるまってくれた。
北国の冬は寒いが、暖かいと言う人もいる。 又 ドスン!と雪が落ちた‥‥by 濱 覚

North Japan
"Thunk !" I waked up with the sound of falling snow.
This was the alarm clock in heavy snow areas of the north Japan.
I always try to stay in an old Japanese style inn called "Ryokan" or "Minsyuku" where you could enjoy a feeling of local people and an atmosphere of local culture.
But, to be honest, cheap price might be an attractive factor……, No ! this must be first priority ….?

I wiped a misty window with my fingers and glanced down at the outside.
“Waoh!” There was much SNOW as far as the eye could see ! What a silent dawn it was!
This was the scenery which lets out an involuntary yell of surprise.

When I put my heart into the shooting at the edge of eaves, Okami (landladies of the inn) was approaching. "Oh! How chilly it is! You must freeze ! (with dialect)"
She showed a charming smile and gave me Amazake (hot and sweet Japanese wine).

It is said that the winter of north Japan must be chilly but you could feel something warm…

"Thunk !" Snow fell again. ...by Satoru Hama